Our understanding of the church could also be called our corporate identity: the thing that distinguishes us as a church. The motto is: “back to the roots, ” which we find in the roots of the first church in Acts 2:42-47. This CI sums us up. Short and to the point, we call this our “six pack,” which of course makes one immediately think about muscles and fitness. And that’ correct! We have rediscovered these things in a very special way as energy packs, which make us fit and healthy, hold their own and are a common thread in everything that is to be found in the City Chapel.

God’s Word

For many, it is a brand new experience, to discover that the bible relevantly speaks to our current situation in life. That’s why we authentically teach through each book and chapter of the bible and experience how life invigorating, rejuvenating and productive the contents are.


Prayer is simply a direct connection to God, which provides us with strength and keeps the inner person alive and enduringly fit. His nearness and help is there in every situation. Which is why we use this connection as much as possible, both individually as well as in the various programs of the church and experience the change that occurs.

Holy Spirit

The first church was not able to do anything without being especially equipped with power. It is God’s Spirit which makes us people with a God-filled life that has an effect on those around us. We want to make space for him in our church.

Sanctified Life

The first three components have the consequence, that our lives change for the better, so that we experience what it means to be a christian and how we can make a difference in our surroundings. The Bible calls this process a “sanctified life,” which does not mean that Christians are without fault or are better, but rather that the effects are identifiable.


A particular challenge in our present day, which is characterized by individuality and anonymity, is worthwhile community. We want to provide this by developing and living true community with one another and with God. Starting with the Sunday services, the Connect course for new attendees, the small cell groups (bible studies) all over the Stuttgart region and many other programs.

GO! Living and sharing faith

We believe that it is not our right to withhold possibility to get to know Jesus Christ and to have a fulfilled life from the people in our society. Which is why it is a logical conclusion for us to not keep this good news for ourselves, but to pass it on. Therefore, we invite to our events or go out with our Outreach team, which goes out on the streets weekly. Various events, the cooperation with other churches, a partnership with a church in the Middle East and people of our own, who are living Missions practically, inland or abroad are important to us. Worldwide, our members are also working with OM, CFI, OMF and other organizations.

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