Address of the Church Building

City Chapel Stuttgart e.V.
Marienstraße 12, 3. OG
70178 Stuttgart

Address of the Administration

City Chapel Stuttgart e.V.
Marienstraße 3a, 2. OG
70178 Stuttgart


Tel.: 0711 6142956
Fax: 0711 4141433

Church Office Hours

Tuesday to Friday
9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Responsible for the Content:

Roland Krumm

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We hope that you feel at home with us and attend happily. We are always ready to listen to you and your concerns. Take a minute of your time to describe what’s on your heart. Please also provide your contact information, because there are often questions that are not answered by a message. We then do not have the possibility to look into / to resolve things, maybe because essential information is missing. Please give us a few days time to answer if necessary. Thank you very much.

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