You’re more than welcome in these teams too! Please click through and send an email to the team you’re interested in.


Thirsty and hungry after a sermon? Our supply troop at the Coffee Bar are happy to provide for cool and warm liquid.
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Have you already made a home or are you still just living in a house? Everything regarding lovely rooms.
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Flyer, banner, logos, posters or website … our team for a pleasing appearance.
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Utilities Management

The address for reporting defects in the rooms of the M3a(i.e. defective lighting, sewage, kitchen appliances, etc.).
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Everything about light and sound in the Chapel.
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Box Movers

The logistics troop for the set-up and tear-down of our church service in CinemaxX.
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Our service for english-speaking visitors on Sunday mornings.
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Everything about praise and worship in the Chapel.
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Projector (Beamer)

The service surrounding presentation techniques during events in the Chapel.
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So that chaos doesn’t have a chance and everything runs smoothly in our services.
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A simple “hello” often says more than a thousand words … The crew, who gladly shakes everyone’s hand.

You are new? You love fellowship and good food? We warmly invite you to join us for Food, Fun & Fellowship. We meet on Sunday evenings after the service at 20 p.m. at the Info desk and have dinner together.

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