In the City Chapel many volunteers ensure that everything runs perfectly. A wide range from stocking up the reserves all the way to spiritual services is covered. Take a look and see if there might be something there for you, for which God has gifted you with talent and passion and the contact the relevant team. We thank you in advance for your interest and your willingness to want to volunteer in the City Chapel.

Prerequisite for participation is your living relationship to our Lord Jesus Christ. Given that you’re interested in volunteering, you most likely already feel like you belong in the Chapel and are probably also a member. If not yet, it would be good if you registered HERE for the connect course, our church beginner course.

We gladly answer questions by E-Mail.

Gerd Grimm

Wir suchen Mitarbeiter in diesen Teams

Help for the Box Movers (set-up and tear-down after the morning service)

Are you interested in working in a cool team? Starting around 9 a.m. mornings in CinemaxX helping to set up the Technics? Are you a a) man or b) woman? Then it fits. Just come by, then you will get to know the work of the diligent ox movers live. We look forward to your message.

You are welcome to contact us vis E-Mail with interest or questions.

Volunteer in Graphics / Internet / Blog

Do you like to work creatively in the area of image editing, internet, layout? Are you knowledgeable in Photoshop, InDesign, picture collages, picture editing, typography, shoot pictures etc.? Are you skilled in work with websites / WordPress? Do you love to write blogs? Would you like to support the graphics team with your talents?

Please contact us with interest or questions at: E-Mail.

Sound Engineer

Duties: Ensure good sound in the morning or evening service, included in the morning service is set-up and tear-down of the sound system.

Whom we are looking for: Volunteers with a feel for good sound. Prior knowledge is not required. Sound engineering is 80% sound and only 20% engineering – an electrical engineering degree is not necessary!

What we offer: Teamwork, flexible working hours (mornings/evenings), training and continuing education, an extensive training period.

You are welcome to contact us with interest or questions by Mail.

Repair Project Helper

We work with electric equipment and lots of cables, which break now and then. For necessary repairs, we are looking for a helper with experience in using a soldering iron. “Home Office” possible, soldering iron and materials available in the Chapel.

You are welcome to contact us with interest or questions by E-Mail.

Work in the Housekeeping Team

If you enjoy practical work and feel like keeping up the rooms in the M12 about once a month, then you’d fit into the housekeeping team perfectly.

Smaller and larger repairs and maintenance work in the church’s rooms

What we offer:
Team evenings, during which we complete our work together, an excellent opportunity to use and improve your handyman skills.

Whom we are looking for:
Handy, talented people with and without experience, who could imagine helping out one evening a week every month or two.

If you would like, you could also get involved in the planning and leadership.

You’re welcome to contact us with interest or questions by E-Mail.

Volunteer for the Soup Kitchen “Agape”

Is it a desire of yours to serve the poor? Beggars, the homeless and the poor? Would you like to give some of your time on Saturday mornings from about 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.? Would you like to very practically help for example with preparing a meal, serving or in prayer for these nice people? Then you’d fit right in at Agape.

Please contact us with interest or questions at: E-Mail.

We look forward to receiving your message.