Greater things are still to be done … in this city!

“Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

The City Chapel is a church in the city and for the city. Here, in the heart of Stuttgart, there are many people that suffer from various forms of distress. People, whom Jesus loves and who need very practical help. But also people who need Jesus!

In this, we do not want to forget those in our church who are suffering. God often reminds us that He has them in view and that we as a church have responsibility for one another.

DEACONSHIP in the City Chapel is a platform for your engagement for the people in the church and in the city. Following we have compiled a list for you of the Chapel teams and also external teams that we work with:

Deaconry Services in the City Chapel

The Hilfe@citychapel team has it on their hearts for our church to support one another and to know if someone needs help. So if you need support, practical help or advice, feel free to get in contact with us and we can consider your options together.

Here are some examples of things we currently offer (specialist) help with:

  • Babysitting
  • Tutoring
  • Watering gardens, garden work
  • Shared use of allotments
  • Health-related queries (especially relating to Lyme disease)
  • Conflict mediation during pregnancy
  • Questions relating to maternity leave and parental benefits
  • Questions relating to children’s services and foster children
  • Help regarding issues encountered in further education/apprenticeships
  • Questions relating to studying and PhDs
  • Evaluation of work references
  • Support in visits to governmental offices (bureaucracy)
  • Legal questions (especially tax law)
  • Technical support (especially household electrics)
  • Transporting stuff with a mini van
  • Help with moving house
  • Loaning of moving boxes

Do you want to help? Just get in touch with what you’ve got to offer.

We are contactable by E-Mail or phone 0711 6581601.

Those of us from Begegnung International [International Encounters – Begin ] have it on our hearts to:

  • Encounter refugees as equals
  • Encounter refugees in their need
  • Encounter refugees while learning German, playing, eating, at sporting events…
  • Encounter refugees as friends
  • And that refugees encounter Jesus

We come alongside refugees in the following activities:

  • Each Friday at 5.30 p.m. a communication class takes place in an accommodation by Nordbahnhof (train station).
  • Once a week a kids program takes place at a shared accommodation in Botnang.
  • We assist refugees all over Stuttgart in their daily lives and invite them to join in activities at the City Chapel.

Anja Braun and Daniel Sasse
Contact us by email.

We want to thank the Stiftung Hoffnungsträger for their support of „Begin“.

Those of us from the “singing group” have seniors on our hearts, who live in retirement or nursing homes. We want to:

  • encounter these people respectfully
  • sing together with them
  • provide them with hope and encouragement through small impulses
  • tell them of the love of God in Jesus Christ
  • gain their trust and form relationships

The singing group goes into various retirement homes in Stuttgart 3-4 times a year, in order to hold a “mini church service.” We generally sing old german well-known church songs and spread God’s Word in small season-related impulses or testimonies. Following this, we have conversations with the residents. We listen attentively to them, share joy and pain with them, develop trust and relationships. At the end, we present them with a small gift.

Do you have a heart for older people or enjoy singing? Or would you like to participate instrumentally? We would appreciate reinforcements for our team! More information: email.

External deaconry services, which we as the City Chapel support

Esther-Ministries Stuttgart e.V. is a group working in the red light district, which has made it their goal to provide concrete help and support to change the current situation of people in need.

The team of volunteers surrounding Sabine and Veronika is colorful and interdenominational. Connected by a passion for people, they have made it their goal to facilitate an exit and a new start for those involved in the Stuttgart red light district. In close cooperation with other facilities in the district, very practical support and accompaniment in all parts of the daily routine – for example, with visits to government offices, job or apartment searches or with language courses.

The opportunities to contribute are very versatile and engaged volunteers, who feel concretely called to the red light district, are welcome at any time!

You will receive more information via email.