As the City Chapel Stuttgart, we want to be present wherever the church lives! This is the only way that we can be a local church together and take advantages of the possibilities that are offered.  Everyone belonging to the City Chapel has their home here in the heart of the city. We are ONE church, with central church services.

And yet, we do not want to stop there. With this solid foundation, our church should develop many regional branches (“One church, many locations”). There are already five regions, so that everyone has the possibility to live “Chapel” in their immediate vicinity. It is our hope that a close knit community can happen in the regions, which are shaped by our six pack.

This locational proximity and connectivity is intended to create a balance between career, family and church. In addition, the regional branching out goes hand in hand with the vision of the City Chapel: we want to honor God, equip people and impact the region of Stuttgart, all on our own doorstep.